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The Gag Ball

We are happy to be partnering with the current reigning Mr. Bear Perth to bring you the Gag Ball, a dance and fetish party held at the iconic Connections Nightclub this Easter Sunday!

The Gag ball is an event for people who identify as male, and is a chance to explore kink, fetish, and fetish culture in a safe and supportive environment. No matter the fetish or if you are just curious, come along, have fun, and tear up the dancefloor! As always though, consent is sexy (and necessary!), so make sure to ask before you touch, and respect everyone’s boundaries.

Hosted by Connections Nightclub, DJ Hello Sailor will be carving up the decks with down-and-dirty beats, with special performances on the night and your chance to win some downright devious prizes in a devilish raffle 😈

All proceeds will go to supporting WAAC and our work at M Clinic, so come down, support a great cause, and we’ll see you there (if we don’t have our blindfolds on).

Check out the event page here for more information and to grab your ticket!