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Leavers 2023

WAAC are once again heading down to Dunsborough to support this year’s Leavers from the 18th of November to the 24th of November.

WAAC’s role at Leavers is to provide peer support for leavers built on the harm minimisation framework, predominantly working within the area of harm reduction. Our focus is on topics around sexual health and relationships, drug and alcohol use, and safer consumption. WAAC has an outreach presence during both the day and night throughout the week of Leavers, with the intent of being accessible and present for young people. WAAC is also the organisation outwardly supporting and promoting the LGBTQIA+ community at Leavers.

WAAC volunteers provide outreach, information, education, referral and harm reduction activities about safer sex, sexual health and safer alcohol and other drug use. This is an amazing opportunity for students studying Sexology, Health Promotion, Health Science, Education, Youth Work, and Nursing in particular, as you can get hands-on experience working with young people while also networking with other professionals in the industry from a whole range of organisations!

Day Outreach Roles and Responsibilities

This is the team to join if you like the beach life, sunshine, and warm weather – with a healthy sprinkling of health promotion on top! The day team is in charge of looking after the leavers during the day before things get too wild. Typical activities include beach days, games and activities, and general health promotion. If you are interested in joining our day team, you will mainly be:

  • Engaging with leavers during wristband sales and at the WAAC stall
  • Encouraging leavers to partake in harm reduction activities
  • Informing and educating leavers on relevant topics, incorporating harm reduction messaging into conversations, and supporting discussions around positive behaviour change
  • Informing leavers of WAAC’s role at The Zone and how WAAC can further support them at night or beyond the Leavers week
  • Distributing prizes for activity participation, resources, referral information
  • Distributing safer sex packs (condom and lube with sexual health info), and dams
  • Undertaking quizzes and surveys with leavers, with appropriate introduction and follow up (as covered in Leavers training)
  • Partaking in Beachfest and supporting RLSSWA where necessary, and
  • Assisting leavers with queries and questions they may have about the week.

This team would especially suit people with an interest in or studying Sexology, Health Promotion, and Education.

Night Outreach Roles and Responsibilities

Night team is where the party is at, literally! This is the team to join if you’re a bit of a night owl, like loud music, and want to get hands-on experience looking after youth who are under the influence and who need support. This is definitely the more hands on team, but with that comes the more hands on support for youth in need, and amazing experience. As a Night Team member, you will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with leavers within The Zone as Safe Sex Angels, providing social support and outreach
  • Distributing safer sex packs (condom and lube with sexual health info)
  • Informing and educating leavers on relevant topics, incorporating harm reduction messaging into conversations and supporting discussions around positive behaviour change
  • Working in the Chill Out tent to support the medical, physical, emotional and mental needs of leavers within scope of practice of volunteer role (see chain of command documentation), and
  • Working closely with staff and volunteers from Hope, Health and St John’s to support the medical needs of leavers and ensure streamlined triage process

This team would especially suit people with an interest in or studying Nursing, Youth Work, and Health Science.


Leavers volunteers are representing WAAC for the entire week that they are in the South West , not only when they are in uniform and on shift. They must uphold the WAAC values and code of conduct for the lead-up to and duration of Leavers. WAAC volunteers are held to the same standard as a WAAC employee. As a Leavers volunteer you are a valued member of the team and expected to positively contribute and collaborate with all WAAC team members as well as members of other agencies. Leavers is a unique opportunity where multiple organisations and government agencies are working closely together to achieve a common goal.

By signing the Leavers Staff and Volunteers Code of Conduct volunteers agree to operate in accordance to WAPOL’s standards.

  • Must attend all trainings prior to Leavers
  • Work within your allocated hours
  • Work within your duties and scope of practice which you have been trained as a WAAC volunteer
  • Report and follow instruction of your Team Leader and Leavers Coordinator
  • Work collaboratively with other services. Follow instruction from the other service’s Coordinators
  • Give out correct evidence-based information/education/harm reduction strategies
  • Any relationship of a sexual/physical/emotional nature outside of your scope as a Leavers volunteer is strictly prohibited
  • Do not give out personal contact details of yourself or other members of the team to leavers
  • Maintain professional boundaries with leavers
  • Maintain peer education principles – friendly, non-judgemental, informative and casual
  • Be aware of self-disclosure and ‘over-sharing’ personal stories with leavers
  • All volunteers have a right to be respected and to feel safe while at Leavers. Volunteers must understand and behave accordingly. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Smoking, vaping and alcohol is strictly prohibited while volunteering as part of WAAC
  • Consuming alcohol while off-shift is allowed, however, it must be in moderation. Intoxication at any time or being under the influence while on shift is prohibited and can lead to the removal from the program
  • Smoking and vaping are allowed outside of The Zone property and Beachfest
    • Must follow accommodation smoking rules
    • Must only be done during breaks, away from Leavers activities and volunteer must not be able to be identified as WAAC volunteer
    • Must not impact work/shifts
    • Respect others volunteer’s needs and ensure to reduce impact on group
Issues and Breaches of Expectations

It is at the discretion of the Management Team as to the outcome for the volunteer in the event of a breach of conduct. Decision making will be guided by the Volunteer Code of Conduct. Serious breaches will be referred for legal action. Incident report forms are to be completed by relevant parties.

Outcomes will vary depending on breach severity and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussion with Team Leader and Coordinator around breach
  • Issues between volunteers may be resolved through a restorative practice process
  • Removal of volunteer from shift/s
  • Moving volunteer from one team to another team or into logistic role
  • Removal of volunteer from program and accommodation. Costs incurred to return volunteer to their home will come at the expense of the volunteer
  • Removal of volunteer from WAAC’s broader volunteer program
  • Legal action
WAAC's Duty of Care

WAAC aims to give volunteers the skills and training to ensure they can undertake necessary volunteer responsibilities and requirements. WAAC strives to create an inclusive, safe and respectful space during interviews, trainings and Leavers week events.

Processes WAAC has in place to ensure volunteers are supported:

  • Adequate Training
    • WAAC Leavers Training
    • Hope Community Services Training (night outreach)
    • WAAC Day Outreach Training (day outreach)
    • Apply First Aid and CPR
    • SARC Responding to Sexual Assault in an Event Setting Online Training
    • Mental Health Commission Alcohol and Other Drug Training (optional)
  • Adequate Support
    • Access to Team Leaders and Coordinator
    • Phone access to Prevention, Promotion and Engagement Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
    • Access to WAAC Counselling
    • Access to WAAC’s Employment Assistance Program
  • At Leavers
    • Allocated drivers for vehicles. Driving rotation to reduce driving fatigue.
    • Bedrooms split into genders and other preferences are considered.
    • Adequate breaks and appropriate shift lengths
    • Collegial support within the volunteer group
    • Issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Follow up with concerned parties to ensure satisfactory outcomes.
    • Risk Assessments are completed with mitigation strategies implemented.
Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documentation

Volunteers must have signed/completed the following:

  • WAAC Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • WAAC Internet Policy
  • WAAC Photo and Social Media Policy
  • WAPOL Leavers Code of Conduct
  • WAAC Leavers Risk Assessment
  • Working with Children Check WA

National Police Clearance

Want to volunteer?

Recruitment for the Volunteer Team at Leavers for 2023 has now closed. However, Leavers Week requires many more general outreach volunteers to attend and have a presence at the zone and assisting staff from other organisations.

If you would like to put your name down for other general volunteering roles with organisations external to WAAC, we would be happy to pass your information on as a contact.

    Are you over 18 years old?

    Do you have a current Police Clearance (or are willing to get one)? (required)


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