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Getting Tested

Since HIV, hepatitis and STIs often don’t have any symptoms, getting tested is the best way to know if you have something.

What sort of samples you need to provide depend on what sort of sex you’ve been having and what you want to be tested for. A full health screening should include:

  • A blood test
  • A urine sample
  • A throat swab (if you’ve had oral sex)
  • A rectal swab (if you’ve had anal sex)

If you have symptoms of an STI like a herpes sore or a syphilis chancre, you will also want a swab of the sore.

If you have a cervix, it’s recommended you get a cervical smear ever five years. This used to be called a pap smear. This checks for human papillomavirus, the main cause of cervical cancer.

Where can I get tested?

Any general practitioner (GP) can provide you with sexual health testing. However, many doctors don’t have much experience with sexual health so we recommend accessing a sexual health clinic.
Doctors with an interest in sexual health and sexual health clinics are able to provide safe, confidential and judgement-free support.

Remember, getting tested never needs to be embarrassing or shameful. Getting tested not only looks after your sexual health, but also that of your partners, and that’s great.

Please see our Patient Fact Sheet here which explains why you may be asked certain questions during your appointment and what we do with that information.

Check out the map below to find a sexual health clinic near you.

Note: the clinics listed below are just recommendations, as they are either well known to us or are specifically sexual health clinics.

Please let us know if any of the below details are incorrect and need updating. Similarly, please let us know if you have a bad experience with any of the clinics listed below, as we aim to only recommend friendly, non-judgemental and sex-positive services.

For any HIV related questions, please call the HIV Information Line on (08) 9482 0044.


How often should I get tested?

It really depends on your situation.

Some people choose to test more often than others. Typically if you are sexually active with multiple partners you will want to test more frequently.

Some may test every three or six months, a few times a year or only once a year.

Some people get tested at the beginning of a new relationship.

Others get tested when they think they have been exposed to HIV.

And if you have any symptom of an STI or are the contact of someone with an STI you will want to get tested.

Talk to your doctor or sexual health clinic to find out how often you should get tested and what is best for you.


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