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Safe Travels

Bon Voyage!

Travelling overseas is an exciting experience for many. Who hasn’t dreamt of a whirlwind romance while travelling the globe?

Travel is a time where we can let our hair down and take new, exciting (and sometimes sexy) risks. Some of these risks, however, can increase your chances of picking up sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

Fortunately, we’re here to help keep your fantasy abroad afloat with some essential travel tips.

Let’s add a few more items to your checklist to help keep you healthy and safe when you’re seeing the sights.

Before travelling
  • See a doctor for a pre-travel check-up & PrEP prescription
  • Check your destination for any restrictions, like travelling with medication and same-sex behaviours
  • Add emergency numbers into your phone
    • Consular Emergency Centre +61 2 6261 3305
    • HIV/STI Information Line +61 1300 565 257
    • Specific Australian Embassy/Consulate for your destination
  • Visit Smart Traveller for more travel advice
  • Book an appointment with your doctor for when you return
Things to pack
  • Condoms – pack more than you think (it’s better to be prepared!)
  • Dams – essential for when you’re seeing the sights “down south”
  • Lube – help make things a bit more slippery
  • PrEP – if you’re travelling to a high HIV prevalent area, this is a must!
After travelling
  • See your doctor for a post-travel check-up
  • Continue your course of PrEP for the recommended time
  • Monitor for any symptoms over the next few weeks
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