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Check 'ya Tools

When’s the last time you checked ya tool? No matter what you’re working with, make sure it’s up to the job. Test your tool for sexually transmissible infections.

Been drilling hard? 

Getting hammered? 

Working with new tools? Test before you touch! A full STI test is piss easy, the full check-up involves a urine sample, blood test and swabs.  

Most STIs don’t show symptoms, particularly for guys. Getting your tool checked is the only way to know if you have an STI. 

Fit testing into FIFO life: 

  • Book your next test early in your swing off. This gives you enough time to get your results and any necessary treatment before heading back to site. 
  • If you notice any symptoms, like a rash, sore or itchiness, visit your onsite medical centre or go to your nearest town’s medical centre. Any GP can do an STI check.  
  • STIs usually need a couple of weeks or longer to be detected on a test, if you don’t have symptoms, wait a swing before getting tested. 
  • As testing can be tricky around your swing schedule, we suggest using a condom regularly to reduce risk of STI transmission and chatting to a health professional to see if PrEP and PeP are an option for you to prevent HIV transmission.  
  • Had some fun in Bali, Thailand or somewhere else abroad? Make sure you get tested once you get back. 

Take this free online self-assessment to see if you are eligible for a free STI test:  

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