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Safe sex resources

WAAC is funded to provide free safe sex equipment to organisations, groups and individuals all around Western Australia.

We believe everyone has the right to access condoms and have the support they need to have happy, healthy and safe sex lives.

Free condoms for individuals

We provide free condoms at all of our venues, including our main office, M Clinic, NSEP van, Freo Xchange and Freedom Centre.

You can also check out our free condom map below to see what services in your area have free condoms available.

Free condom sample packs for individuals

Penises come in all shapes and sizes and condoms aren’t one-size-fits-all unfortunately. There are thousands of different types of condoms, coming in a wide range of sizes, shape, materials, textures and colours.

The first step in pleasurable condom use is finding the right size for you. That’s why we provide free condom sample packs.

Each pack comes with six different sized condoms, as well as three lube sachets (so you can try them all out). Try out the different sizes until you find the best fit for you.

Order your free sample pack

Find more about our sample packs.

*Please note this resource is for WA residents only*

Free pleasure packs for individuals

Barriers like condoms, dams and gloves are all effective ways to reduce the risk of HIV and STI transmission.

Using dams and condoms protect both you and your partners. It also shows respect and can help you feel physically and mentally safer during sex. Combining safety and pleasure during sex can enhance connectedness and is super hot!

Our pleasure packs come with a latex dam, glove, condom and lube sachet.

Order your free pleasure pack now

*Please note this resource is for WA residents only*

Free safer sex resources for organisations

*Please note this resource is for WA organisations/services only*

We provide free safe sex packs (containing a condom and lubricant sachet) to a wide range of services and organisations, including non-profit organisations, community groups, healthcare providers, medical centres, public health units, youth centres, schools, universities, pubs and clubs, backpackers, hostels and hotels, sex on premise venues, community events and much more.

If you are one of these organisations or services and work with the community, you can order free safe sex packs as part of our health promotion service.

Ordering free condoms for your organisation is simple. Complete the below order form and we will send them off to you as soon as possible.

Free safer sex resources for organisations

Safe sex packs come in bags of 50 and we typically send out anywhere between 50 and 500 at one time. If you require more than 500, please let us know in the form

Shipping is provided free. However, you are welcome to arrange to pick them up directly from the WAAC main office in West Perth. Simply write that on the form.

Where can I buy condoms?

You can find condoms in most pharmacies, supermarkets and adult shops. You can also purchase them online. We also sell them at WAAC and M Clinic.

If you are a business, individual or organisation that requires a large number of condoms, WAAC sells a wide range of items, including:

  • Condoms
  • Lubricant
  • Dams
  • Gloves
  • Condom dispensers

Contact us to find out about purchasing safe sex equipment.

If you would like to support our work and enable us to provide free services to more individuals and organisations, your donation would mean a lot.


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