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Open Borders

With borders opening and restrictions being eased you may be thinking of travelling. Travelling can be an exciting time with lots of fun experiences, which may include having sex while you’re away. 

Some countries may have higher rates of HIV and STIs than Australia. It’s important to take steps to protect your sexual health while enjoying the fun experiences of travelling.   

Plan and prepare for take off 

Packing condoms in your luggage won’t put you over your baggage limit! Make sure to pack your safe sex essentials such as condoms, lube and dams along with all your other travel necessities. That way you’re prepared for all the fun times ahead! 

You may also want to consider if PrEP is right for you. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is the use of medication that can reduce the risk of getting HIV. 

Find out about organisations that provide free condoms on our free condom map. 

While you’re away 

Travelling can be a time of new experiences and self-exploration. Take the uncertainty out of having sex while you’re away and play safe by using protection methods like condoms, dams and PrEP.  

Playing safe means you’ll still have a great time but reduces the risk of coming home with an STI.  

Coming home

Back from a fun time away? It might be time to book in for a sexual health test. 

Not everything we come home with gets screened by customs. STIs and HIV are common in both Australia and overseas, though prevalence rates are higher in some places. Having a sexual health test gives you knowledge and empowers you to make informed decisions around your health, whether that is accessing to treatment and contact tracing.  

Getting a sexual health test is an easy way to take control of your sexual health and keep yourself and your future partners safe.  

To find out about sexual health testing and where to access sexual health services, go to our Getting Tested page.