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WAAC has provided health promotion, education, and support at Leavers celebrations for over two decades.

We provide peer education and support to them with a framework of harm minimisation. Our goal is that young people will have access to information and support that will allow them to make safer choices while experiencing a week to remember – for the right reasons!

Our Leavers outreach relies on trained volunteers who work directly with young people to provide peer social support to Leavers, discussing sexual health and safety, alcohol and drug use and mental wellbeing while being non-judgemental. Harm reduction is the name of the game!

Our team provides support to Leavers during day and night events. If you’ve celebrated your Leavers in the Zone, you’ve probably seen us handing out free condoms!

The Impact of KISS program in the last five years:

  • 69 volunteer peer educators have been trained as part of the Leavers project
  • 56,798 safer sex packs have been distributed to leavers at official leavers week celebrations
  • Volunteers had 3717 conversations with leavers: 2392 about safe sex, 846 about alcohol and 479 about other substances

Volunteering at Leavers

Do you want to make a positive difference with young people? This is your chance!

The Leavers team is a group of trained volunteers who want to impart sexual health information and advice to Year 12s during their first taste of freedom before they head off to the real world.

All our volunteers are young people, as peer education is one of the best ways to engage with young people.

Lots of vollies are students in health fields like health promotion, sexology, addiction studies, nursing and psychology, but we love having anyone interested in sexual health. Whether your interest is health, youth work, social work, marketing, chemistry, art, everyone who wants to support young people and empower their sexual health is welcome on our team!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself, hone skills and discover new things about yourself. It’s especially great if you want a career in health, sexology or working with young people.

Register your interest for Leavers and other volunteer opportunities at Better Impact.


For Leavers related enquiries, please contact Marcus Shaw by email or by calling (08) 9482 000


664 Murray Street, West Perth 6005