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Containers for Change (Waste for WAAC)

Waste for WAAC is a bottle recycling scheme where individuals or organisations commit to using WAAC’s Containers for Change Scheme ID (C10455300) when depositing any eligible containers.

Our Waste for WAAC community will benefit by having a reduced individual and organisational waste footprint, by reducing local landfill and enhancing the local and global environment.

If you’re interested in getting involved, WAAC can provide you with a bin for your office or a bag for an individual where eligible containers can be deposited into and then our logistics partner will collect the bin once it’s full or you can drop off a bag at any Containers for Change drop off point.

Money paid for these used plastics help support our logistics partner Ability WA who provide supported employment to people living with a disability, and to WAAC to help us support individuals and communities facing injustice and discrimination.


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