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Coming Out Day

Event Date: 11 Oct, 2021

Coming Out Day is a celebratory day marked every October 11 for over three decades.

Coming out and sharing your identity as an LGBTQIA+ person can be a scary experience as you never know how people will reach.

But it can also be incredibly freeing and liberating. Being true to yourself and not hiding a piece of you from the world can be so validating and relieve a massive burden, even if people don’t react the way you expected.

Coming out still matters. There’s no right or wrong way to come out, and no list of instructions.

Hatred, ignorance and stigma all thrive in an environment of silence and ignorance.

Research shows that people are far less likely to hold on to discriminatory views and attitudes onces they know they have loved ones who are LGBTQIA+

Research also shows that LGBTQIA+ people have better mental health outcomes when they are out, compared to those who are hiding their identity.

There’s lots of way you can celebrate Coming Out Day

  • You might choose to come out to those in your life
  • You could share your experiences coming out
  • You might want to support others in their journeys
  • You could host an event at work to highlight the importance of safe and inclusive workplaces
  • You could reflect on how your life has changed since you came out
  • You can post a selfie, story or video on your socials with the hashtags #NationalComingOutDay and #ComingOutDay

If you’re struggling with coming out Q News has a great article you can check out. You can also reach out to us at WAAC or call the Q Life hotline on 1800 184 527.